So this week I'm sharing my favourite indie businesses that make jewellery using acrylic. I love acrylic jewellery as it tends to be more fun and colourful than it's precious metal or jewel counterparts. I'm not sure why but I've never been much of a delicate jewellery person so acrylic is perfect for me! Now I'm sure there are lots more jewellery designers for me to discover who work with this material but below is a selection I've collated that make bold, bright and sometimes massive statement pieces to wear. 



Statement Pastel Rainbow Pencil Acrylic Necklace, £40,

Emma makes such fun, colourful jewellery and also seems like such a fun, colourful person! I absolutely love seeing her pink hair and multi-coloured clothes on instagram and she does so many amazing behind-the-scenes videos on stories, it's really fascinating to see her process. She makes big, bold, statement pieces and even offers custom designs so you can work with her to create your dream piece!



Hell Yeah Earrings, £13,
The gorgeous Dani makes gorgeous jewellery bursting with colour and personality. She wants to make people smile with her work and I think she massively hits that target, especially with earrings like these! The mirrored acrylics she uses are amazing, as is the pink wall in her Sheffield-based studio! She always has a spot on market stall set-up too. 



Mint Stegosaurus Dinosaur Necklace, £38,

I first discovered Kim through the Indie Roller podcast and found her so confident and eloquent I had to message and tell her afterwards! I was so impressed and engaged, she spoke with such energy and passion. She spoke a lot about joy, about finding it and sharing it so joyful is definitely the word I'd use to describe Kim and her jewellery! Her work is so intricate and detailed, she has leopard print patterns and dinosaur scales! Go find the joy!



Red Lobster Acrylic Brooch, £18,

Manchester-based Kat makes really quirky acrylic designs, my current favourites are her lobsters and prawns! These would make the perfect gift for someone who likes to be bold and different and a little bit eclectic with their style! They're super affordable and Kat is always coming out with new designs so make sure you follow her instagram to discover them!



Nude Babe Iridescent Acrylic Earrings, £22,

So Rae may not solely work with acrylic but she is a laser cut jewellery babe! I've been pining after a piece of her jewellery for ages, in fact her nude babe earrings are top of my wish list this Christmas. Or maybe her glittery abstract face earrings... Either way I love her work, especially the feminist inspired pieces. 



Rubber Duck Earrings, £8,

OK so Sophie is another maker who doesn't solely use acrylic materials in her work (she also designs gorgeous scarves and homewares) but she does make colourful acrylic jewellery so she's on the list! I love her embrace of child-like silliness and she and her jewellery give off super happy vibes. Sophie is all about making life colourful, so alongside her fun jewellery, she also blogs and has a youtube channel about her colourful life and travels.



Frida Cowhlo Highland Cow Brooch, £30,

Scotland based Mhairi makes cool, funny and charismatic jewellery! I love her use of Scottish colloquialisms and slang words, she writes how she speaks and often combines that into her work, which really makes Bonnie Bling unique! Her jewellery is mainly just a big celebration of Scotland including it's celebrities, phrases and highland cows, with a little politics added here and there for good measure. If you like your jewellery to have a sense of humour and Scottish twist, Mhairi is the maker for you.



Large Pastel Mismatched Arch Earrings, £12.50,

So I've only just discovered this indie biz but I'm so glad I did as love the kitsch jewellery from Anne Tacky. My favourite thing are their mismatched and odd earrings, they're so bold and colourful and unique! There are so many different shapes and colours, this is a great small brand to find something that little bit different. Especially if you love a statement earring like me! 



I know there are lots more indie businesses who make jewellery using acrylic but some of those will be featured in other gift lists or I just haven't discovered them yet! This list is obviously not exhaustive but these are just some of my faves!

Note: None of the brands included in this gift guide have paid me or gifted me items in exchange for being featured. They own all the rights to their work and images.


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