Woohoo I've made it to week 3 of my indie gift guide! Well then, I know loads of amazing artists who have their own indie businesses selling their work so, I've decided to split them into themed categories and the first one up is animals! The artists I've chosen to feature in this gift list are big animal lovers and a range of gorgeous, wild and wonderful creatures feature heavily in their work. Art prints are probably my top gift to buy for others and everyone likes animals so hopefully you'll find some inspiration here for your own gifts!



Endangered Animals Print A4, £12,

Sheffield-based Tori is a lovely jubbly lady and a top notch drawer of animals! In her own words she paints very pretty pictures of Natural History. She has captured a range of the planet's fantastical beasts with her goache paints and brushes and it was far too hard to pick one to share a picture of! I've bought many of her prints and cards and they are so beautiful and perfect for a variety of recipients!



Forest Animals Postcard Set, £10,

Tom sells art prints and illustrated goods that reflect his love for the British countryside and the natural world. His animal illustrations are so blooming cute but what I love so much about them is the colours. His bright colour combos are just dreamy and stunning and I'm running out of adjectives so just take a look and see for yourself! Along with prints and cards there are pins, patches, stickers and more.



Leopard Print A4, £15,

Aimee is an illustrator based in north Wales who loves drawing and painting animals. Her work is bold, fun and quirky - most of the animals feature cute googley eyes! She has recently released a children's book that she has written and beautifully illustrated herself so can add author to her job description too! That's still on my to-buy list for my son but I did buy her gorgeous, colourful Match the Minibeasts card game recently which I would highly recommend!



Rhino - Chester Zoo Print, £20,

Jenny covers a wide range of subjects in her incredible art (her Liverpool related work is a big favourite of mine) but she does do a lot of animals. I just adore the recent pieces she has created to raise funds for Chester Zoo! Jenny often uses watercolour paints and then works into them with fabric and stitching to create incredible, unique and just all round joyful art. She also manages the amazing MerseyMade which is a shop, studio and cafe in Liverpool so is an all-round creative wonder woman!



Squirrel Tote Bag, £8,

Kat is based in Essex and creates the cutest animal characters who are all living their best lives! Some have glasses, headdresses or flowers and they are all fun and brightly coloured. She really does love animals as is a full time vet - I can't quite believe she creates all of her gorgeous artworks in her spare time! If you don't fancy a print she also sells her work as pins, badges, cards and printed on tote bags!



Key Worker Charity Animal Print A4, £12,

Nicky is a Yorkshire-born illustrator whose gorgeous work is often nature and animal inspired. Her animals are cute and funny and are sometimes combined with a good pun but are always bright and colourful. Her work is super affordable too, some of her A6 prints are just £1.50! Her prints would make wonderful gifts for children and us bigger kids too.



Great British Sausages Print A4, £14,

So Faye doesn't solely create work around animals and nature but I love her series of funny Daschund themed illustrations! Her work is cute and fun and will just make you smile. I must admit, I am not a dog person but her sausage dogs reproduced as sausages, vegetables and even rainbows are simply delightful. Go check them out for yourself and see which is your favourite!



Fox print, £15,

Nicky is a Warwickshire-based watercolour and inks artist and an all round fab gal. She does wonderful house portraits but my favourite work of hers is her animals. She sells her original artworks at super affordable prices so keep your eye out for one but if they've already sold you can get a print instead! 



I know loads more indie businesses who create art featuring animals and some of those will be featured in other gift lists. This list is obviously not exhaustive but these are just some of my faves!

Note: None of the brands included in this gift guide have paid me or gifted me items in exchange for being featured. They own all the rights to their work and images.

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