Woman in pink Loaf & Bear t-shirt drinking from pottery mug

Hiya! I'm Laura and I LOVE shopping from small independent businesses! Every Wednesday I will release a themed gift list to help me remember and you discover gift ideas from my favourite designers, makers and artists. My gift guides will include indie shops and brands that I have already bought from or those whose stuff I love and plan to buy from when the right gift recipient comes along! I may pop the odd item from my businesses, Loaf & Bear and Post Snail Press, in there too, because you know, I can!

These gift lists obviously aren’t exhaustive and they are based on my own taste and brand/artist knowledge. My indie biz discovery is ongoing so I’m sure I’ll end up doing duplicate list themes but have got to start somewhere!

Remember, when you buy from an indie biz your purchase is seen and celebrated by it's creator. You are buying hours of experiments, failures and frustrations along with moments of pure joy and excitement. You are buying passion and creativity and supporting someones dream. Every time you spend your money you are voting for the world, society and future you want, so where you can, shop small! 

Photo items:
T-shirt - Loaf & Bear
Earrings - All The Discos
Mug - Fire Station Square Pottery

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